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naa hee
naa hee
cunt face
you fat cunt face bitch
it's "hoi", not "hee" Comment by: steve   
Hoi is a clam or shellfish, slang for cunt. Hee is cunt. So, really, either is correct. Comment by: James Riley   
Hee Yai Men Jit Baa Lao - you have a big pussy and it stinks Comment by: thai shagger   
and what mean หอยหลอดเอ้ยย ? Comment by: it   
lol classic steve... stick to pattaya. Comment by: thun   
Let's really spice it up with an American perenial rendered into Thai: yet mae nah hee!Motherf*cking cunt face. Only use if you are ready to fight, right there, right then, and probably until one of you is in hospital or dead. Comment by: Peter   
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