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Yabe- is actually a shortened form of yabai. Yabai/yabe can be used for moments of danger (oh shit moments) or when something is really unbelieveable (beyond sugoi/suge), but is true or did occur. Comment by: Masa    Rated:2/5
I use this all the time (in the right context, of course, haha not k.y.), but I didn't know that it could be used as anything but having a bad connotation, like those good old "oh shit" moments. Comment by: Miki   
I often hear it used for good things as slang. Good looking girl, or cheap all you can drink, situations that are too good. Comment by: めい3   
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Posted by: BruceRating:0.8  
"No way", "Yuk", "That's gross", "Enough already". Often said by a person that doesn't want to do something, e.g. by a child being forced to eat their vegetables.
Host brother says this often Comment by: Willy    Rated:4/5
I don't think this is said by men. I think it's more of a young child (girl or boy) or women. Comment by: kagakun    Rated:4/5
i start off learnin japanese from their porno, one of the word they use the most on the bed lol. Comment by: martin   
@ kagakun - depends upon the man & his level of innocence I guess. Personally I've heard it from younger to older, including men.. (granted, they weren't really MANLY men, but yeh..) Comment by: eriberri   
its いやだ。And you're right, its usually used by children and girls, but I have heard older guys say it too. Comment by: Rob   
Well this probably shouldn't go under "Iyada," but "Iya" is kind of slang, I guess. Like when you say "well no, it's rather this way...." while talking to someone, you would use "Iya." I think it's a branch off of "Iiye," not "Iyada." I don't know lol, the Japanese I know/learn is from what I hear around me, when I go to Japan/ talk to my mum. Comment by: Miki   
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Posted by: BruceRating:0.7  
"Of course", "I know", "Yeah, that's right". Shortened slang version of "yappari" and "yahari", usually used to begin a response to a question (e.g. a TV interview). Sometimes used as a sentence connector, meaning: "Of course", "as I thought", "after all is said and done".
Oh baby wait and see, YAPPA itai no wa Iya, dakedo, Risuku ga aru kara koso tatakau hodo ni tsuyoku naru no sa.
I wonder if thats where the english word , yep, comes from? Comment by: O.J. #1   
most likely they stole it from us Comment by: rphinks   
it should be YABBA not YAPPA.. =) Comment by: raenxia    Rated:5/5
"Yappa pe, yappa pe, ii shan ten" - Ranma Nibun no Ichi (Sugoi ne?) Comment by: Kimijima Rei <3   
it's a derivative of 'yahari', meaning apparently, or obviously. Comment by: jap   
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to do. also used in "to do it" (sex). example: today i plan to lay her for the first time.
hell ya Comment by: jeseman_04   
it's also used to say someone is good at something, for instance "yaru ne" for someone who can play poker really well, etc. and most of the time, yaru is just "to do". people who don't know japanese really well will have a hard time making it come across as "to do sex" lol. Comment by: xcurior   
"Yaru" means "to do" but it can also mean, "to give to an inferior." So, for example, you could say, "Inu ni tabemono wo yarimashita." Which just means, "I gave food to the dog." Comment by: BOO    Rated:3/5
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