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Kei Wai
けい わい (k.y.)
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There is no English equivalent. A direct translation is "(subject) can't read the air (or atmosphere). However it is used in two contexts. 1) when someone says or does something out of context of the situation around himself/herself, he/she is k.y. (i.e. a random, spontaneous comment on an unrelated subject). 2) it can be used when someone is lagging in the conversation, when that person brings back a subject that already passed.
kei wai : kuuki = airrnyomenai = not able to readrnrnso obviously it means that you cant read the air. The idiom is in both Japanese and English, and they mean the same thing. So to say that there is no English translation is a lie. Comment by: Joe Delete Comment by: Joe   
It is used when someone makes a random comment or does something totally out of context of the conversation going on around himself/herself.rnrnThis can also be used to describe someone who is acting inconsiderately. For example, if a group of people go out to dinner and some people's entrees are delivered before others. If someone begins eating their food before others have received theres, then that person is K.Y. Comment by: Kyle   
It sounds like a specific example of the Englisn slang term "airhead". Comment by: docweb    Rated:4/5
Ahaha I love this, KY Ikuta! ;) Comment by: Nerupyon   
Hey, get this: K-Y Jelly is a water-based, water- soluble personal lubricant, most commonly used as a lubricant for sexual intercourse and masturbation. A variety of different products and formulas are produced under the K-Y banner, some of which are not water-soluble. Comment by: Sakana Oji    Rated:3/5
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"Gross". This is a "bad word". Some schools prohibit the use of this word. If used to describe a person, it means: extremely ugly and weird.
Don't forget that the word kimoi comes from two words smushed together -- kimochi and warui. Comment by: Dan Monahan    Rated:4/5
In Kansai the use Kishoi Comment by: Mizuta   
Hard to translate, unpleasantly SLIMY? I would say. In context, ( i was chatted up by a Kimoi guy, yuck!!) kimoi hito ni hanashikakerareta, Girls' talk . Comment by: deibitto   
I didn't know that kimoi was a bad thing to say and when i said it in front of my homestay mom i got a pretty lengthy lecture. be careful where you use it -.-" and as dan said, in front of adults say kimochi warui. bad feeling Comment by: :/   
wouldn't mazui be a "safe" word to use? i often hear it in anime for this type of thing. Comment by: SteelGolem   
well, "mazui" if for when a situation is bad. Comment by: yamiko aizawa    Rated:2/5
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kira kira
Posted by: Bruce
Glitter and sparkle
Dakishimerareru to, Kimi to paradise ni iru mitai, Kira-Kira mabushikute, I feel so good. It's automatic...
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Posted by: Bruce
Sound made by a rooster, "cock-a-do-da-do"
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Konjoo nashi!
Posted by: SunSweetSeven*Rating:1.3  
No Balls!
it was funny Comment by: chell    Rated:5/5
this word was in a textbook 8 years ago.. which means its pretty outdaded by now Comment by: dean   
well... eight years ago isn't really that long ago... i mean people use words in english tat have been around for 100's of years and they are like 'cool' Comment by: jepejp    Rated:3/5
is it balls like "bollocks"? Comment by: mousse91   
Ive never used this. Comment by: mika   
Still widely used today, meaning "No Guts." Comment by: remy   
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Kono Kusoutare!
Posted by: SunSweetSeven*Rating:1.8  
Literally means, "You have shit around your asshole!", but is used as "asshole!"
lol i like this 1 i use it every day! XD! Comment by: marissa    Rated:5/5
lol use it xD Comment by: nobodys    Rated:4/5
Actually, it's pronounced KUSOTTARE Comment by: Mark the R    Rated:2/5
HAHA I wanna say that to someone in english! Comment by: Lola   
lol this is my favorite word!!! Comment by: i rule the world    Rated:5/5
japanese are very clean people, so saying something like that would be a pretty big slap in the face Comment by: SteelGolem   
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"oh crap", shit
"Kuso" can, in fact, be used to talk about the thing (feces) itself, in addition to being used as an expletive. It's also used in compounds such as "hanakuso" (boogers; literally "nose-shit"), "kusomajime" (overly serious), and "hetakuso" (extremely unskilled or clumsy). Comment by: Nombiri    Rated:3/5
"Kuso" actually means "shit" in both its English senses. "kuso suru" means to "shit" (verb), and you can yell it out as an expletive. Comment by: Rick    Rated:2/5
Umm, actually it is the thing too!! Comment by: Oredazo    Rated:2/5
This is a great four-letter sub for ye olde Anglo-Saxon expletive; it has the force and brevity needed to properly carry one's frustration as well as the English equivalent. Comment by: Valvicus    Rated:5/5
No, it also literally means "shit." This is the kanji: 糞. Comment by: Mike    Rated:1/5
Actually, it doesn't have nearly the force of the English "shit." Little kids say it front of their teachers and parents all the time. It's not polite, but it's a very mild verbal transgression. And the compounds, like "nose shit," "ear shit," and any similar combo you can come up with, are perfectly acceptable--these are the only words for these things that even many adults know. Comment by: Peter   
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