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dumb, stupid. More common in the Kansai (Osaka) area of Japan.
A very useful term, as this is less harsh and generally more comical or friendly than "baka". Comment by: venomcash6    Rated:5/5
Anata wa baka desu ka j/k anata wa baka janai desu Comment by: ker vue    Rated:1/5
hummm.. AHOU = あほ or あほう? Where is the double "O"? Comment by: André    Rated:4/5
the word itslef is Ahou, but Kansai-ben says Aho. Comment by: jeff   
a-ho-u there is no double o in the word ahou. The last hiragana is a "u". Comment by: mika   
We know it's a u. But it's just like 魚をたべます。 You don't say wo, it's o. Comment by: ANDEExVICIOUS   
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Posted by: BruceRating:2.0  
"Answer", answer to a question, often used in commercials when a question is posed and the answer is given by the same person.
STMYiX Thank you for helping out, superb information. In case of dissension, never dare to judge till you ave heard the other side. by Euripides. Comment by:    Rated:2/5
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Posted by: DeeRating:1.1  
Short for 'anata' the polite word for 'you'. Offhand word to use.
I though Anata was the less polite word for "You"? Comment by: Myu    Rated:3/5
Anata is polite, anta isn't. Comment by: Chiz.   
while anata means you, it has the implication of dear/beloved you. Comment by: Jenna   
"Anta" is the impolite form of "anata". It is more casual. And yes, wives sometimes call their husbands "anata" meaning "dear" in ONLY those occasions. So while talking to other people, "anata" does not mean "dear", etc. Comment by: s    Rated:5/5
both words (anata-anta) are impolite ways to call someone, in japan the most polite way to call someone its by his/her name +san Comment by: gustavo   
"Anata" is not necessarily impolite. To make it sound absolutely polite, "Anata-sama" will sometimes be used, though not very common, except in business situation. Comment by: TY   
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