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You are a waste of space...meaning you are nothing normally used in an argument or being yelled at

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Submitted April 13th, 2003 by: Anonymous


This means the same as "full of it." (ie, "what a load of wof." Ron Weasley said after hearing Dolores Umbridge's speech.) Comment by: J D   
Is "wof" an abbreviation for something? It sounds like it. Yeah, I think a whole generation of Americans is going to be using BritSlang thanks to Harry Potter. (Yet we're supposedly too dumb to get the reference to the Philosopher's Stone...jeez.) Comment by: Meg   
you wonder why people think you won't catch on to thing, yet you are asking if WOF stands for something...nice. let's think about this for about 10 seconds. Waste Of Space.. WOF Comment by: jesicat   
This actually is an abbreviated version of "what a load of waffle" Comment by: BS   


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