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small, ethnic society

Submitted February 13th, 2003 by: Anonymous


ghetto is mainly a way of dressing or acting, mostly black people are ghetto, but there are also white people "wiggers" who try and act ghetto and they just look stupid. Comment by: laina   
it originaly came from the Jewish. it was adopted by black people because of the race issues in america. the ghetto was a poor neighborhood inhabited by mostly black ppl. nowadays its a racket (loud) lifestyle. that outfit is so ghetto. Comment by: denahli   
Back in da day...the word ghetto used to refer to a poor or low income part of town, Regardless of ethinicity. (black, chinese, jewish,whatever) Unfortunately,in todays society, ignorant white folk LOVE to use this term in a very negative context to convey a sense of tackyness or slipshod repair of some sort: "the quick repair on our oven was so GHETTO". When white people use this term around black people like myself, I am truly insulted. They sound like snobby posers that want street cred. Comment by: black thought   


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