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A young person from the lower social classes - often seen wearing trackies and fake burberry baseball caps. other uses are "chavtastic" and "it's a chavalanche in here".

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This one was explained to me as an acronym for Council House (Housing) Associated Vermin. Council Housing being a generic term for Cheap rented dwellings run by the local authority. Sometimes it implies a low intellect or poor education. Comment by: NB   
The acronym "CHAV" is a "backronym" and has nothing to do with the etymology (which comes from the Romani for "child" iirc) it comes from the same direction as "pikey" (which also has gypsy routes). Chav ALWAYS implies low intellect & poor education - it is a pejorative term. Comment by: Kay   
Also means Council Housed And Violent. Comment by: HM   


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