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A deluxe pizza. Usually used in Montreal.

Country Code:CA
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Usage Examples

Best Pizza in the World, All Dressed at Houston Pizza Hill Ave in Regina, Saskatchewan


Being a Montrealer, there are 3 things that can be properly described as “all dressed”: Pizza, chips and hot-dogs. I’ve tried ordering like that in other parts of Canada and the US and always get the look of confusion. it’s definitely a local thing.. Comment by: Bill Shatner    Rated:4/5
I am from ontario and I eat all dressed chips- they're not my favourite- ketchup are- but they are good Comment by: lyndsey   
Yep, we definitely use the "all dressed" expression in Ontario Comment by: Kara   
Grew up in Moncton, NB, and heard it all the time. Comment by: Nicole   
It's used commonly in Saskatchewan for pizza. Comment by: Gainer   
All dressed is fairly common throughout Canada. Also, chips! Comment by: Frank    Rated:3/5


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