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The other definition listed is only partial. It can mean "huh?", but it is not terrible common. We usually just say "huh?" in Canada. "Eh?" is a word you add to the end of a sentence, to ask for a response of agreement or disagreement, similar in meaning to "don't you think?" ex. "Looks like a storm comin' in, eh?" It is also sometimes used with "I know", and in that case it doesn't really mean anything. -"Wow, the Flames really kicked ass tonite!" -"I know, eh?" Good luck trying to use it properly if you're not Canadian. Trust me Americans, we can tell the difference! You're not foolin' anybody :)

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Submitted December 18th, 2006 by: tarapoto


that's a pretty common term in australia, we use it properly. Comment by: josh    Rated:3/5
for the second example you means like "i know, right" -- "i know, eh?". So it kinda does have a reason. I dont if that really makes since. Comment by: Kendra    Rated:3/5
piffft really it just like de brits when dey say yea? at da end of de sentaces asken a question. well here anyway, we say eh as revering to something or just at the end of sencncet. "lets go over der eh" Comment by: ashlee   
why is this spelt EH, but pronounced ay? Comment by: toby   
We Michiganders use this quite often too, especially in the Upper Penisula. Comment by: Mick   
it isnt pronounced "ay" it is more "EH" like eight with out the ght Comment by: davee   
Yeah, right. It's not exclusively Canadian. Americans use it all the time (properly, too; it's not rocket science, no matter what you might think). If used in extreme amounts, it's normally a poorly planned jab at Canadians. Comment by: Kiki   
Americans seem to have adopted our eh but they use it at the beginning of sentences. Canadian - How you doing, eh? American - Eh, how you doing? Comment by: Sweet Trav   
I've noticed that people from Australia and South Africa may also have a similar style of speech; except they use the word "hey" instead of "eh". Comment by: Ross   
Actually, Ross, the South African equivalent of 'eh' is 'neh'. Comment by: Faith   
Americans you just can't say it right, and in fact I've never heard another country use it properly, we've had english welsh australian NZ and countless americans and by the end they might use it properly a few times.. but i dont think ive heard somebody say 'lets go over there eh' its more of... don't you think? don't you agree? I know right? that kind of thing. Comment by: Ry   
I also noticed in ireland they often say, but, at the end of a sentence, as if to leave the conclusion hanging. also in New Zealand they use "ay" basically the same way as in Australia. Comment by: ad   
I know a lot of people that use it here in England, and I've always said it since for as long as I have spoken. Long before I learned about the Canadian useage ;) Comment by: Britiy   
If you need a fun way to learn the exact sound of "eh" or "ay," just watch the movie "Strange Brew" with Bob and Doug McKenzie, in which you can hear an almost authentic Canadian accent. Comment by: Charlie   
Iv'e heard some Canadians say hey instead of eh or huh in Vancouver. Some Americans use eh when they are asking a so you think you could sneak off eh? Comment by: Toner   
Ashlee sounds like one of the more educated Canadians. Actually, "eh" is used in most English speaking countries and each one thinks they are using it "properly", Josh. Comment by: Teacher   
This definition is definately more thorough than the other one. And, no, when Americans say "eh" they aren't trying to fool you. We (or they, I had the privilege of growing in the same neighborhood as a Canadian) usually mean it differently. Ie: If a guy tries to talk about a "cool play" in the football game to a totally uninterested person, they'll most likely respond with "whatever" or "oooooohhhh-kaaaayyyyy", but some of them with family further north will say "eh" to mean "whatever." So- it's good to know that this method is NOT an accepted Canadian usage. Comment by: Amanda   
This is a poor explanation. It is quite common in Canada. At least in western Canada it is. The proper usage in canada is taking a sentence that would normally form a comment and make it a question. ie (That was a great concert, eh?) Americans use the canadian version wrong consistently. They try to add it to the end of a question which is totally incorrect. Americans, from my experience, use "huh" far more commonly anywhere that I have gone. Comment by: Clinton   
i live in kansas but im from canada and my parents say it all the time...americans can use it properly Comment by: heather   
Not to make too fine a point, but what the hey, regarding: "American - Eh, how you doing?" That's wrong. It's not "eh" like Canadians say at the end. It's "hey" like English speakers everywhere say at the beginning. Italian Americans and Latinos drop the "h" but their point of use makes unmistakably clear they're saying "hey" as in "Hey, you, get off of my cloud!" Hey, Jude" "Hey, Diddle, Diddle" "Hey, where you going?" Comment by: jhbyer   
im from america but i actually say "eh" because my mom used to live in buffalo so she was pretty much always in canada and still uses canadian slang which i picked up in my life... Comment by: dotdott   
This is really cool. I use this word ALL THE time. Comment by: Alexander   
If we americans say eh at the beggining of a sentence as in, "Eh, how are you doing?" We are not using it in the same context, we are saying "Hey, how are you doing?" We just leave out letters often... Comment by: totti   
In BC, we say 'hey'. Comment by: jen   
It is far more widespread than it was at one time. It is used heavily in New Zealand, Australia, and Canada that I have seen. I am in the US and I personally use it a lot, but most of us that do picked it up from Canadians I think. I know I did, but I do use it "properly." Comment by: Kelly    Rated:3/5
Saying yes to something. Comment by: FREDA    Rated:3/5
Yoopers use it too, eh? Comment by: Brian from Escanaba   
the british use it the most, and irish, more than anybody really Comment by: Max   
Americans don't use the word "Eh" at the begining of a sentence. It's more like "hey" Comment by: Britanny   
"Hey" isn't the same as "EH" Comment by: Sam   
I have heard that it is used by many english speaking nations but Canadians use it the most. Comment by: Fred   
I never even notice when I say "eh." I love being a canuck. :D Comment by: mulley.    Rated:5/5
Lesson on "Eh": "Eh" is used in several ways by Canadians but almost always represents a question of some sort. It is sometimes frowned upon as coarse slang (not vulgar). The main ways to use "eh" are: 1) as an audible question mark . 2) as a request for affirmation or response (as in, "Know what I mean?") and 3) sometimes the entire sentence "What?" 4) to express incredulity (I.e. WTF?! Similar to 3 but more emphatic.) Examples: 1) "This is pretty good poutine eh?" 2) "So I was out with my chums on the snowmachines eh, and the snow was up to our friggin crutches eh. Anyways, my one chum says, "It sure is deep eh?" (this is actually an example of type 1 usage). So I says "Yeah, wan' another 50?"." 3) Someone says, "The Canadian Constitution Act, 1982, “brought the Constitution home” — detailing the processes by which future changes could be made to the Canadian Constitution without seeking an Act of the British Parliament. It specifies that changes to the Constitution can only be made by particular amending processes, involving various combinations of Parliament and some or all of the provincial legislatures. The Constitution Act, 1982, contains the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and includes a section recognizing the special place of Canada’s Aboriginal people within Confederation." to which the reply is, "eh?" 4) Someone says, "I can't stand hockey." to which the reply is "EH!?" I don't say it much because my Mum frowned up on it eh. Comment by: Jed   
When it's used at the beginning of a sentence in the US it's more of an "ay!" (like a shortened "hey") and less of an "eh". All that "eh" really does is turn a statement into a rhetorical question. Comment by: Lindsay   
The proper way to spell CANADA. As in, C- EH-N-EH-D-EH. LOL Comment by: Twisted    Rated:5/5
You hosers! Usually when I hear Americans use the eh at the end of sentence! I use eh all the time though! Comment by: Ryan   
Aussies use it HEAPS. Comment by: Kelly   
I've hered EH used by alot of americans and they cant seem to ever use it properly. They think they are but it just sounds very funnny and you can tell the diffrence bettween a canadian and and american just by the way they say EH. Comment by: dana   
We use this in New Zealand too, eh! Comment by: Skippy   
My friends have pointed out I say "eh" a lot...I'm Canadian. We say "eh" like... as in "Hey!" without the H....Y does this say we say "ay"..that's so not true. Eh! Get yer facts right. Comment by: BellaChiquita   
sure, americans use it. but one of the canadian stereotypes that the americans have of us is the fact that we always say EH, like at every 2nd word. but the dude who posted this knows how to use it. most of the time, we just use it without realizing. Comment by: cath   
Sweet trav it's more like cutting the 'h' off of 'hey' instead of 'hey, what's up?' it's 'eh, what's up?' Comment by: Jade    Rated:3/5
No, Ross, they are saying "Hey" just abbreviated. Like saying "Ay, Whats up?" Comment by: Tara   
Aussie is ay not eh Comment by: Rachael   
Actually the thing about Americans using it at the beginning is totally false, what you are referring to is "hey", a shortened version of hello meant as an attention grabber, or slight greeting before a question or statement. As in 'Hey, do you know where i put my car keys?" We also do use the Canadian style of 'eh (& properly) but instead of the Canadian style (ay) its usually more of a sound. As in "keep it real eh." or "i know eh?" if we actually say (ay) we are either attempting to be pirates or sarcastically imitating Canadians (no offense, we still love them, yet to meet one I didn't and have been to Canada 5 times, pretty good odds Id say!) Comment by: YO!Americano   
i must use eh like fifty times a day, i feel like I'm a stereotypical Canadian :P yay Canada, so glad I'm not American Comment by: Rachel   
eh is often used in southern England . Comment by: Speedwell   
i live in eau claire wisconsin in america and i use "eh" quite a bit, i doubt any canadian could tell the difference, i don't think canadians own it completely, us nothern wisconsinites and the upers of the upper penisula of michigan say it all the time, we are fluent with it! Comment by: steve butler   
I've heard Americans say "eh". They're usually rednecks and use it to mean the same thing as Canadians. Most people use it when making fun of Canada since it seems to be the focus of a lot of American jokes. :) "Canadians don't do anything except make maple syrup and go 'eh!'" Comment by: Nora   
Ah, I think is has to do with the sentence being said. If the sentence doesn't really sound like it has a question to it, it's kinda natural just to add 'eh?' to the end of it. Or it can be a shorter form of 'yeah?' Comment by: Matthew   
Im from saskatchewan and we use 'eh' and 'hey' but we mostly use 'hey' Comment by: Anna   
Im from saskatchewan and we use 'eh' and 'hey' but we mostly use 'hey' Comment by: Anna   
Eh (Said Ay) is very common in West Yorkshire in England Comment by: Smith    Rated:3/5
I am American and it only took me about three months living in Canada to figure out how to use it properly. Now, back in the USA I use it all the time... so much better than "huh". I would equate it to Californians' use of the word "word" Comment by: Jared   
Actually..... "Eh?" started in New York, USA, and moved up into Canada. Not many Americans use it anymore, but some still do. I tend to use "eh?" as a "what?" opposed to as a "don't you think?" Comment by: Alfred   
I've noticed that with "eh" we only use it in the Eastern areas. If you go to a place like Alberta, they use "hey" more. So I think the Canadian stereotype isn't always accurate. Lol Comment by: CanadianEh   
I find that it's particularly common amongst French Canadian populations, and the Atlantic provinces. Comment by: NDG   
I'm American. I never hear "eh" used by anybody where I live... Maybe it's different up North, but I live in Florida. Even if I watch Canadian shows I don't hear "eh" used that much... Or I'm just use to hearing it that I don't notice. Comment by: Kathy   
Its like "you know". For example: That was a good match, eh? Comment by: Beck   
TpZiQp web20power.txt;1;1 Comment by: qcAppNvN    Rated:2/5
In Minnesota, especially up north, "eh" is pretty common. Could be Canadian slang slopping over the border, eh? Comment by: Tim   
Yeah, we use it in Oz all the time, me more than most of my friends though. We can tell pffft. If I didn't have an accent you wouldn't know. Comment by: AussieCanadian    Rated:4/5
Hey is used in New Zealand too. Comment by: sketch   
Well, it may be Canadian, but we Americans like it. And you know how we are. If we like somthin' we just pretty much take it over, eh? Comment by: skysentinel   
I have almost zero friends that use the term 'eh' however, I have heard it used multiple times in every sentence in states like Kentucky, Alabama, louisiana, etc. Not sure why we are cursed with american's saying 'eh' to me everytime they find out I"m canadian cuz they say it way more than canadians. Comment by: Young Diefenbaker    Rated:5/5
Occasionally it's used in Southern Alaska and the interior of AK too. Comment by: Flighty   
My Detroit-born mom used "eh" properly all the time. Her dad was from Ontario. Comment by: Mary   
I notice that my Canadian friends use it a lot up in Ontario but drop it when down here in the states. When I asked them about it they didn't even notice they were doing it. Comment by: VegasLass   


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