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Money. Can use a variation to describe someone possessing any amount of money on them as being "rocked up". Circa early 1970's

Country Code:CA
Submitted August 20th, 2005 by: Prairie

Usage Examples

Do you have any rocks on you?


rocks isin't money it's cocaine retards Comment by: popsicle   
moi je t'aime avril lavigne Comment by: mehdi   
Wheres mah riggety rock??? Comment by: crackah   
rocks, is good, like if something rocks its awesome, all good. Comment by: terry   
In the US "rocks" would most commonly mean 'balls' or 'testicles'. As in the phrase: "I need to get my rocks off". Meaning, I feel the need to ejaculate. Crack cocaine would be 'rock', not 'rocks'. I've never heard the plural form 'rocks' used to refer to crack. Even if you have many physical crack rocks, it would still be a bunch of 'rock'.. not a bunch of 'rocks' Comment by: That Guy   
I have never heard somebody say "rocks" to mean testicles in the US. I have heard it used, in its plural form, for cocaine and - sometimes - when referring to diamonds. Comment by: Kaye   
I gotta agree with 'popsicle' on this one... rocks = cocaine, not money. Comment by: Justin    Rated:1/5
Um I have lived n the states my whole life, NEVER heard rocks referencing testicles. Rock can mean cocaine, or other forms of solid drugs, and alot of people use it to say something about diamonds ('oh nice rock!') but almost always when you hear someone say one say it or I say it it means something is coo, or awesome as in 'that rocks' probably originating from listners of rock music?? Comment by: YO!Americano   
In California, "Rocks" can mean a few different things depending on how ya say it. "That place rocks!" Meaning it was really good. If your going to buy cocaine, your going to buy rocks. "We are heading over to the east side to buy some rocks." It can also be used to tell someone to go away.. " KICK ROCKS BITCH!" Its insulting. Comment by: Goalie   


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