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phallic sex toy

Submitted April 6th, 2004 by: sweetsharon232


A dildo is a vibrator.... Comment by: Loz    Rated:1/5
A dildo is a phallic sex toy, not necessarily a vibrator. Comment by: Saucer    Rated:5/5
this is completely wrong. a dildo is a fake penis or vibrator that girls use to masturbate with, or that lesbians might use to have sex with. Comment by: wroooong   
Dildo is not a woman's breasts! LOL! A dildo is simply a fake penis (typically plastic or rubber) used as a sex toy or for self-stimulation. It doesn't have to vibrate to be a dildo, but that is certainly possilbe. Very simply: Dildo = Fake penis. Comment by: That guy.   
Only a dildo would post such a definition... ;-> Comment by: dbeierl    Rated:1/5
Dildo is also the name of a place in Newfoundland. Look it up if you don't believe me. Comment by: Brittany   


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