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Pint of plain

Pint of Guiness

Country Code:IE
Submitted February 9th, 2004 by: Anonymous


Never have I ever bn asked for a pint of plain! Its a pint of the black stuff or a pint of porter! Comment by: Lemons   
"A pint of plain is your only man" - Flann O'Brien Comment by: souvarine   
Also referred to as a 'woman black'.. I heard this comes from the image of (white) woman wearing a black dress etc. that leaves the shoulder bear. Comment by: Gaillimh   
Unfortunately, now you can get away with giving someone a Stout if they order a Pint of Porter. There was a time when there was a difference, but thanks to a couple of centuries of gobshites who don't care what they drink as long as they get pissed, the two terms are now interchangeable. Comment by: pb1965   


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