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anus "i've got a shitty dirtbox" ; expression used to describe an unpopular boss "hes a fucking dirtbox"

Country Code:US
Submitted July 6th, 2003 by: Anonymous


What??????? dirtbox???? who is supposed to be using this language? never heard of this expression Comment by: Steph    Rated:1/5
In the US this used sometimes in reference to anal sex,as in "I slammed her in the DIRTBOX" Comment by: Matthew    Rated:3/5
in Canada, this word makes reference to rock star legend Bobby Curtola. he got this nickname from ex-manager Jake Lingley after playing in one too many beerhalls across Ontario. Comment by: johnson    Rated:3/5
In other instances in Canada, this slang also refers to the free range parents allow their foreign children to throw their feces in. "Go throw your feces in the dirtbox." Also refers to beds in South Korea, in which young ladies puke. "you just puked in my dirt box" Comment by: Robert Hubbard   


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