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Submitted January 28th, 2004 by: Anonymous


Very bad katakana and explanation. Katakana should be "ru-za-". Explanation should be "ninki ja nai hito". Basically, a "nerd"...perhaps a person who wears glasses and is smart, but is not good at sports and does not get much respect. Comment by: Rick    Rated:1/5
Loser shouldn't be translated as "nerd". A loser would be someone who is a failure, i.e. has no money, job, or girlfriend etc. A nerd would be someone who is incapable of style or who is socially unskilled. Comment by: robert   
Preferred translation: 「負け犬」 Comment by: Vendo Thefastlane   
A loser can be anyone at all. It is used to express disrespect usually for someone who you think lives a pathetic life. Usage depends on the opinions of each person. It is someone who loses out on something, and depending on what each individual sees as a waste of time, it can be used on anyone at all. Loser is an insult. However, the literal meaning of loser is the one who has lost, usually in competition. Its not often used to describe someone who has literally lost/ misplaced something. Comment by: P   


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