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looks so cool or sexy.. especially about her or his bodyline.

Submitted January 13th, 2004 by: Anonymous


Big boob, small waist, big bum.... Comment by: soIheard@tkd    Rated:3/5
its only for gurl Comment by: ggg   
This means that a girl/woman has hourglass curves or is voluptuous. Comment by: JayK   
Jookjook meaning tall. Bbang Bbang meaning full in the bosom. Some people add Taeng Taeng which means tight in the butt. Comment by: Miyo   
It means "she's hot body" Like a "Joo-genn-dah(δ) that's kind of same. Comment by: jammanbo   
Do you spell Taeng Taeng with two t's at the beginning like this: Ttaeng Ttaeng, if using proper romanization btw proper romanization of this slang would be Jjuk jjuk Ppang ppang Comment by: Sakana Oji    Rated:4/5


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