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"cock", penis

Submitted July 25th, 2003 by: Anonymous


"Pika" is wrong. It's "Pica", and it's a very rude name for penis. Comment by: André    Rated:3/5
it actually sounds like pissa Comment by: lia    Rated:2/5
it's spelled like "Picasso" (the artist) and actually is TOTALLY RUDE AND NONSENSE Comment by: biba   
its actualy pixa pronounced pisha Comment by: emma   
Funny that girls posted the wrong pronunciation. The right one is "pee-kah", but it was misspelled. The right one is "pica", it's a slang and usually said by its owner. In sentences like "Suck my cock", and "minha pica!" these days also means something like "my arse!", when one disagrees with what is being said. A new slang with the word is "pica das galáxias" when someone is really a pro at something. Only spoken by teens and young adults though. Comment by: SENS8   


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