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to run away, leave

Submitted May 6th, 2003 by: Anonymous


This is wrong. There is no such Norwegian slang word Comment by: Kong Olav   
this word definitely doesn't exist in the norwegian vocab Comment by: norwegia   
wtf? Not used in Norwegian. ever. Dette er ikke et norsk uttrykk!! Comment by: Geir   
I didn't enter the word, but I can confirm that it's indeed actively used. Although it's a relatively new addition. Possibly adapted from some Asian language. Eg har hrt kidsa bruke det. Kebabnorsk, skjnnar? Comment by: Larris    Rated:5/5
det er lzm norsk slang da... jeg har hrt mange bruke det , og jeg er lzm 14 r og nesten alle vennah mine sier snn s bare glm at dette ikke er norsk slang azz ! (a' Comment by: Meg   
This means "Let's go". The word is not widely spread or known. It originated from foreigners living in Oslo. Comment by: oslo   
It's Pakistani/Muslim/whatever, and it's not Norwegian. So f*ck off Comment by: Lars   
I oslo sier alle avor... Comment by: sara    Rated:5/5


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