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Literally, "annoying" or "noisy" but when yelled brusquely it essentially means "Shut up"

Submitted May 5th, 2003 by: Anonymous

Additional Translations

Language Word/Meaning
Urusai : Noisy, like "shut up you noisy twit"


but if order to be taken as "slang" the word ought to be pronounced: うぜー、 or, うざい Comment by: clubikimakuri   
This can be very ... frightening when an older Japanese lady is yelling it at your class. xD Comment by: Ashuri-san    Rated:4/5
URUSEE! you can hear moms say that to their kids all the time. Comment by: Rob   
what about "TAMARE"? Is that the same? Comment by: mammmal   
You mean, "Damare"?? Yes, that is the more rude form of saying "Shut up!". If you're like me and normally use "Urusai" to say shut up, then when you're really pissed off and want someone to REALLY shut up, you'd probably use "Damare." But that's just me. Comment by: Miki   
there is also うるせんだよ which tends to be a little more coarse Comment by: Jisatsu_no_Tenshi   
It seems like "TAMARE" would work just as well if you really want someone to STOP. I suppose the difference would be URUSAI would mean "shut up!" and TAMARE would mean "I really mean it. Stop NOW!" Comment by: Van   
what about yakamashi? Comment by: Jin    Rated:4/5
damarinasai?? how is this thing different?? Comment by: xJampong   


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