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Submitted April 20th, 2003 by: Anonymous


I have a korean girl that is calling me babo, she says its a popular nickname for "boyfriend" or if a girl likes a guy she will say babo. IS THIS TRUE? is this a popular nickname for boyfriend? or is she just playing with my poor heart? I am han korean but have not lived in ROK for long long time, PLEASE TELL ME THE TRuth, is she just playing with my heart or really by calling me babo (i am her boyfriend) Comment by: Please HELP!!!!!!    Rated:3/5
It depends on the way she said it... BABO is not so offensive term... and many girls use it when they're acting cute to their boyfriends.. Comment by: kk   
she's teasing, but she probably thinks you're retarded for not being able to tell the difference Comment by: hamcycle   
my girlfriend also calls me babo and means it in a friendly way Comment by: mike   
My girlfriend is Korean and affectionately calls me Jaki -- her partner. Comment by: LostnFound   
My girlfriend calls me a @#%$&^*. Sometimes she calls me at 4 am. Comment by: Fwank   
pangga is babo..hehehehe..daniel said..^^he is korean Comment by: ivy   
peoples..... babo means stupid in korean!! get that stright ! it does ot mean girlfriend or cute! Comment by: Hannah Lee   
Pie is yummy =D Comment by: Allison   
It means naughty dummy. You would say it to a child if they were all dirty and forgot their homework or something. But it's not a serious word so can be used playfully. BUt it doesn't mean boyfriend or anything like that. Comment by: Jae    Rated:4/5
babo means babo... Comment by: Bob Oh   
babo doesn't mean that you're sweet to your bf/gf it only means one thing.. jack ass! Comment by: chrisophylum calleza    Rated:3/5
babo means stupid xD Comment by: emmie   
I want pie D: Comment by: Andrew   
I feel you i have the same issue my girl calls me that too...but I have a huge member and i lay the pipe till she forgets the few korean words that she knows. ohh and she is from peru. Comment by: sung   
Dear Babo - you are babo for believing your girlfriend is calling you a "cute" name. She is making fun of you at your expense. A similar expression in the US is "bitch" or "shit for brains". Get rid of her Comment by: Ju-ri   
바보... it means stupid/idiot like she is basically just teasing you Comment by: 트란   
i think babo is stupid.. Comment by: jan jan oppa   
Maybe she is refering Bobo piace of Shit Comment by: kinmuchi   
The word sounds very cute, especially when Jessica sings it in the song 'Gee' BABO~ Ah~ So cute Comment by: OnSeN    Rated:5/5
it kinda means stupid x___x Comment by: keellly   
Its Pabul that means stupid or dumb, not babo. Comment by: Min Kyung    Rated:1/5
it means "stupid" in Korean.. Comment by: jam   
boyfriend in korean is 남자친구. namja chingu. Comment by: Lee Minjin   
im not korean but i hear BABO a lot especially in Gee- SNSD.lolss. XD im learning hangul tho but still gets confused when a "P" unconciously tranforms into a "B" lolss. Comment by: Sisi<33   
hahahahahaha. Babo (바보) means stupid or idiot. It can also be used in question form much the same way we would say, "Are you retarded?!" Tell her "ANNEE! no nuen JINCHA babo" It means NO! you are REALLY stupid. If she meant it in a mean way she will leave you alone, and if she meant it in a cute way she will adore that you can speak Korean. Comment by: Brandon James    Rated:5/5
babo means idiot Comment by: kyeoptta   
you guys are all idiots......literally.....babo means "stupid" or "idiot" idiots.... Comment by: Korean Boy    Rated:5/5
the translation is very literal. if your girlfriend is being honest it can be translated to "dork" :) it could be a cute thing. many korean couples call their significant other that once in a while to be playful :) Comment by: anonymous   
It means "stupid person". That's all there is to it. Comment by:    Rated:5/5
it means stupid/dummy Comment by: not a babo    Rated:5/5
it means silly, stupid, brick brain Comment by: chick   
Yeah your g/f calls me babo too Comment by: Babo   
She is calling you an fool, but ina playful manner no doubt Comment by: Me   
바보/Babo; crazy, stupid, retarded, hard headed... so if your girlfriend says 바보, then tell her 너 진짜 바보야... Comment by: erick   
my fiance calls me babo.. when ever i do or say something she doesnt like Comment by: Jacob    Rated:2/5
wahahahahahaha !!! she's fooling you! BABO means STUPID, IDIOT, and the like... XD Comment by: jae bon hwa    Rated:5/5
actually, 'babo' literally means 'STUPID'. Comment by: ralphsters   
yeah! babo means stupid.. Comment by: xneruol   
im sorry, but babo, means you are retarded Comment by: shinyoung   
I've seen and heard babo used in such instances. Usually it's for teasing and things of this sort. I THINK that the direct translation is something like: idiot. Or something. But I think it's really adorably cute that she calls you babo. She's definitely teasing you! Comment by: shantypanty   
I got this kind of problem too ,I talked with skype with Korean guy and he tell me to say Na fa yo. I know that na is "I" but what the over words mean? when I asked some over Korean he told me I'm pervert and ignored ~_~. Comment by: Mimu   
Babo -- 바보 means stupid/idiot/fool Comment by: Yun Joo   
Babo -- 바보 means stupid/idiot/fool Comment by: Yun Joo   
Babo means stupid in Korean so does Pabo. Well Babo means fool and Pabo means stupid but they are on the same term. I am half Korean and White and I know what that word means I use it when I don't want anyone to know what I am talking about, so she is calling you a fool or stupid. Comment by: Sarah   
yeah.. pabo means stupid.. but, it really depends on the way she's saying it.. it can be just her way of acting cute.. Comment by: shine   
it just means stupid.. wow how do you date a korean and not know this.. Comment by: adam   
It means idiot. Comment by: annoymous   
i don't know but i think babo mean stupid..yarr,u know.... but i still don' friend always tell me that when someone call us babo, thats mean,they call me stupid..lala... P/S :BABO MEAN STUPID.... Comment by: EunByeol    Rated:5/5 means idiot. But in a cute way, not offensive. Though I don't think it would be used for boyfriends... Comment by: Sun Ju   
Hi, I'm one korean beutiful girl. I called my bf from french "babo". IT means actually, "fool" or "stupid" it's NEUTRAL AND GENERAL WORD" It could be mean word or cute word how the speaker uses it!!!!! so you can use it but sometimes there's some situation you can't use it. ( and for information, "JAKI" is sweet word, similar with darling and honey and sweetie~, and it's for their BF or GF not's cute but it's not good for their bf or gf...once is good, but not good for nickname..hope you guys get it!) =) Comment by: A   
Hi, I'm one korean beutiful girl. I called my bf from french "babo". IT means actually, "fool" or "stupid" it's NEUTRAL AND GENERAL WORD" It could be mean word or cute word how the speaker uses it!!!!! so you can use it but sometimes there's some situation you can't use it. ( and for information, "JAKI" is sweet word, similar with darling and honey and sweetie~, and it's for their BF or GF not's cute but it's not good for their bf or gf...once is good, but not good for nickname..hope you guys get it!) =) Comment by: A   
she means that you are stupid Comment by: Imran   
hi, achually that is stupid... If its that what you wanted. Sweet! Im korean too. ȳ! Comment by: ҳô!    Rated:4/5
Babo means 'Idiot' Comment by: Kevin woo    Rated:5/5
"babo" means "fool", "dumb" or "stupid". it depends on the way a person says it, your girlfriend is just probably playing around. :) Comment by: LeeHyemin   
Babo means stupid or foolish like. Comment by: Kaylee    Rated:5/5
Babo means indeed stupid/silly,but girls usually use it on a friendly/cute tone with guys..;umm~but they also use it when the guys does something wrong.You'll see the change in the tone and you'll figure it out xD.~ Comment by: LexiiJ.    Rated:5/5
I'm Korean. Babo means stupid, or idiot. Etc Comment by: ^^   
haha..i think she's just playing with you..the true meaning of babo is fool..and i'm very sure of it..:D Comment by: loise:D   
haha..i think she's just playing with you..the true meaning of babo is fool..and i'm very sure of it..:D Comment by: loise:D   
it means foolish but it can be used affectionately as well. Comment by: ryles   
as what I've known. 바보 is idiot/stupid or fool in Korean. but it depends on the way she call you. If she call you as '바보야' with a cute voice. I think she just act cute with you but the other ways.. I'm not sure. If she call you '바보' with a loud voice, maybe she's angry with you... With me '바보' is not a very bad words... so please don't think too much and believe your girlfriend. Be happy! Comment by: minyoung   
heyyyy, I'm a Korean girl and I have a lovely boy friend. Sometimes I call my boyfriend BABO(its real meaning is stupid, fool...) or DWAEJI (it means pig, but it usually used to describe a fat person).., but!!! I never mean the original meaning they have in dictionary! It's kinda special calling way only for my lovely boyfriend :) and it's quite common in Korea, so don't worry too much ^^ Comment by: a Korean girl   
it means stupid and idiot but in korea its used so much its like not serious.... shell call you something worse if she really means it. you prob shouldnt take it seriously if she says it alot Comment by: korean    Rated:5/5
it means "fool" Comment by: person   
Babo means idiot Comment by: aaaaa    Rated:5/5
Babo means stupid. Nothing affectionate. Google translate it Comment by: soojung   
Lol it means stupid Comment by: Kdoj   
Babo means fool, so all of you are wrong. Comment by: Bridget   
BABO is Putz in yiddish. It has no direct english translation. Babo and Putz mean small penis. When Koreans use "babo" they are calling you stupid but it is also used like the American english term "dumbass." It is sometimes used in jest "babo" means "you are such a dumbass" Comment by: Jax    Rated:5/5
'BABO' mean STUPID Comment by: aina   
Babo means idiot or stupid. I guess depending on tone it could be endearing.. but its not what she says it is. A word that means sweetie is : yobo And boyfriend is : namja chingu Or she could just call you older brother, witch girls say to be cute with their boyfriends all the time : Oppa Comment by: Sookie   
dude your all idiots. it straight up means fool. when someone does something really stupid koreans will call them that. "babo ya!". but girls could totally mean it in a cute way. however it DOESNT mean boyfriend. Comment by: sup?    Rated:5/5
Babo means fool. i can't take that word in my head it's because of Babo Heechul. I always watch or listen Gee by Girl's Generation(cute and sexy girls).. . All because of Babo Heechul from their intimate note video Comment by: Crystal    Rated:3/5
Babo means fool or stupid, Korean girls call their boyfriends ohba 오빠 to be cute it means older brother but colloquially like I said they use it to be cute Comment by: Chung yoonsu   
yeah i'm korean and i've seen girls say that to their boyfriends when they're teasing them usually followed by giggles or a smile or something. if they're not doing that, they really think you're stupid. Comment by: kylee   
Well she didn`t Explan the world in right way Pabo means Stupid or fool or dork ummm i use it with my bf allot allot allot but he always smiles when i say it and sure i just say it in friendly way i never mean bad thing with it Comment by: Julie Bell   
babo is stupid...babo=stupid/idiot...its cute???!!??!!i think not...yuks~ hahah Comment by: chacha   
it means stupid Comment by: Jeponnie   
Babo translates into idiot. But in context, it could be used as silly or goof. Comment by: LittleB   
well........babo means stupid,so u can take that as if she's playing around with u and she says "babo!' in like a cute way, or she could just be coming up to u and saying"annyeong stupid" Comment by: cara   
Usualy, babo means "fool" or "stupid". She's playing with your mind dude. A common name for boyfriend would be "Oppa". Personnaly, I think that it sounds better ;) Comment by: The Person You Don't Know   
babo... I think it means idiot :) Comment by: babo   
no... baboo mens silly/stupid.. depending on how she says it but 'oppa' means boyfriend or older brother.. Comment by: dae ^o^   
Babo means STUPID/IDIOT Comment by: raymundo   
babo/pabo means idiot.. i saw it in my english korean dictionary last night while i'm reading it Comment by: JanDi21   
She's calling you an idiot. I mean... I guess it could be used affectionately? But it sounds kinda unnatural. Comment by: Bek    Rated:1/5
It seems like everybody is being lied to. The Korean word Pabo, or also pronounced Babo, is the Korean word for "stupid" Comment by: Daniel   
Can also mean Dork, Goofball Comment by: 김미나   
babo means stupid and the korean language for boyfriend is oppa not babo because it simply means stupid Comment by: Hye Mi   
BABO means idiot but she probably means that in a cute friendly way like when you call your best friend an idiot Comment by: Laibah   
My wife call me "baboya", or "babo tonkea" :D Comment by: akirakuma   
it means idiot. usually used in an endearing way Comment by: rr   
baby means dumb or stupid in a joking way. it’s not offensive Comment by: haha   


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