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"Honey", "Sweetie", affectionate term for girlfriend

Submitted February 12th, 2003 by: Anonymous

Additional Translations

Language Word/Meaning
Jagiya : novio, novia
자기야 : maganda


boyfriend as well Comment by: bvk    Rated:3/5
Actually, I think the proper pronunciation is chagiya... Comment by: O.O   
chagiya is correct pronunciation. chagi is the phrase and ya is the informal sentence ending. 자기야 Comment by: George   
it doesn't mean girlfriend it's like when your calling a girlfriend or boyfriend you call them like "jagiya!" Comment by: balsdfha   
Actually it is the "J" sound at the beginning not "CH".. if it were Chagiya it would be spelled 차기야. but it is not spelled with a ㅊ. Comment by: Mike   
It's also "honey." Used with gf/bf...but my best friend and I use it, as well. Comment by: c elizabeth   
it means like "honey" like when you say "jagiya, lets go watch a movie" it means "honey, lets go watch a movie." Comment by: john   
Jagiya means Honey/Sweetheart/Sweetie... You can use it to call your bf/gf or husband/wife. A lot of Korean women also use jagiya to call a friend/another woman instead of calling them by their names. Comment by: JayK   
Its pronounced as Jah-Gi-Yah. Gi as in saying Key but softening the K to a hint of G. Comment by: Miyo   
besides jagiya..ay other word that can replace jagoya without changin the meaning of sweetheart?? Comment by: v   
"Jagi" means "oneself" -- it is a nice way of saying "you" or "hey you" in an itimate way. Korean has no universally usable word for "you" -- so "jagi" or "jagiya" has emerged as a way to say "you" to a sweetie. Comment by: Mr. Know It All   
pet name "darling, honey, sweety...etc" - referred to female or male "Ja gi ya ~ sa rang hae" - sweety, I love you Comment by: Alice   
isn't the spelled is chagia?? Comment by: Kimiie   
this is a well-maintained website Comment by: 5(BEST)    Rated:5/5
If you're calling someone honey i'm pretty sure it's yeo-bo. Comment by: KongCha   
I often think the "J" and "ch" sound a lot alike in Korean... but i'm new to the language. Comment by: Cari   
Nice one, :) Comment by: Protect the troll!    Rated:5/5
It's equal to Honey or sweety. oa Comment by: Dru   
It's like a call sign for couples like "sweetie" or "sweetheart". Something like that. :) Comment by: iloveryeong9   
JAGIYA means Honey. Comment by: kimchijjigae   
No it IS pronounced as "Chagiya". "ㅈ" is pronounced as "ch", only slightly different from "ㅊ" Comment by: Fiona    Rated:3/5
Got a thank note for a positive comment (he is Korean) and at the end he added "Yheng", what that means? Comment by: mema   
Mike you are wrong, its pronounced as Cha not JA, sometime korean words are not pronounced exactly as it is written. So, whoever read mike's comment, please correct yourself that its Cha- not Ja-. Comment by: Milan   


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