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public masturbation

Submitted January 8th, 2003 by: Anonymous

Additional Translations

Language Word/Meaning
DDR : public masturbation


My "heading on the bare ground"* teacher em muốn hỏi : ground ở đây dịch thế nào cho hợp lý đc ạ? Comment by: mencam   
how do you say "make out" in korean? how do you say "blow job" in korean? Comment by: koreangirl    Rated:4/5
Dude, this is a Korean slang dictionary... So why are you typing in Viet? Comment by: Person?   
oh are you all from korea i love koren boy they are very sexy and i want have a boyfriend from korea if you want be my boy frien this is my emil afterschool_95 Comment by: farah   
how do u pronounce the word emu in Korean? Comment by: koreansweetie   
blowjob in korean is sakashi Comment by: korean wiz   


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