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"fucked up", Quebec adoption of English profanity - but does not really refer to the sex act but more like the English usage: "fucked-up".

Submitted September 21st, 2002 by: Anonymous

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In some cases f*ck� could be translated by weird. ex: St'un f*ck� (C'est un f*ck�) = It is a weird guy (or could be freak too used there). C'est f*ck� = It is broken or something doesn't work. In other case it could mean like wow (something really bright that can be hard to understand but it is in a good way). It is like the words Cossin, chose, patante (which can means almost object depending on the context) as it is really influenced by the situation. As you can see, it is not related with the "slang" use or meaning of English word F*CK. ;) Comment by: OuateDePhoque Comment by: Joe    Rated:3/5


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