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"No way!", "Really?". "Usou" is actually the word for "a lie" but in informal speech is equilvalent to the American English "No way!" or "Really?" Usually used to indicate disbelief, e.g.: "No way!, that can't possibly be true!", sometimes used as a question, e.g.: "Really? Is that really true?" Since this is actually the word for lie, the word's usage is considered rude by many, particularly older people.

Submitted May 25th, 2002 by: Bruce

Additional Translations

Language Word/Meaning
Usou : 거짓말! 거짓말마! 설마!
うそう : 거짓말! 거짓말마! 설마!


Sorry, please use Shift-JIS encoding to view the last message properly. Comment by: Nombiri    Rated:3/5
wrong spelling Comment by: a    Rated:1/5
it's wrong. we never use usoU Comment by: n    Rated:1/5
Yeah, I've NEVER heard "Usou" before. That just sounds like a freak Jap-crazed American trying to pronounce something in Japanese, but failing epically. Comment by: Miki   
Nimbiri is correct. 'Usou' is supposed to be spelled 'uso.' However I understand why the word could get lost in translation between verbal diction to romanji. When the word is exaggerated or emphasized the 'o' at the end is pronounced lengthy. Giving the 'uso(oooo)' effect, where the additional o's give the lengthy effect. Regardless, the meaning of the word in that particular context is correct. Comment by: Maiki    Rated:3/5
u guys r dumb, quit using jap as a shorthand its the only racist word in websters dictionary that acceptable have some pride. u dont see n**ger as a shorthand Comment by: racist killer   


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