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In standard German, the adj. "voll" means "full"; the slang meaning is "plastered/canned" as adj. and "very" ("voll gut" = "very good") as adv.

Submitted June 30th, 2002 by: Bruce

Usage Examples

Die Diskussion war voll interessant.
The discussion was very interesting.
Er war voll bis obenhin.
He was totally plastered (resp. canned).


Another frequently used meaning of this term would be 'drunk' or 'wasted'. e.g. 'Der is doch wieder total voll!' - 'That guy got himself totally wasted again'. Also see 'Sternhagelvoll', 'voll wie ein Eimer' - both meaning someone is extremely drunk. Comment by: A   
OR to Be intoxicated from alcohol. Du warst schne voll gestern Abend. Comment by: Kirsten   
Although VOLL as adv. is being overly used, mostly by teenagers, the same way the word LIKE is being, like, voll raped, you know?! Comment by: blablubb   


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