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damn, shit [abbr. "fanden"] (Somtimes written "faan")

Submitted June 27th, 2002 by: whatshisname

Usage Examples

Fy faen!
Damn it! / Holy shit!


faen jeg liker det Comment by: Adrian Myhrer    Rated:4/5
ja, faen, meg ogs. Fy faen! XD Comment by: Jrn Dybvik    Rated:5/5
Never written "faan" ... Comment by: Bang   
So, would someone say, "Faen dame."? For example, say a Norwegian woman references herself in a joking manner to her husband, "I would know that and I'm just a faen dame." Comment by: cary Stillwell   
You wouldn't say faen damen more likely jvla damen or jvla tispe Faen literally means devil Comment by: Bjrn vik   


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