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Möse, Moese

"cunt", vagina,

Submitted June 25th, 2002 by: Anonymous

Additional Translations

Language Word/Meaning
モエセ : "Manko", "マンコ", 女性器, 膣
Moese : "mus", vulva, kvinnelig kjønnsorgan


Again, NOT Cunt. Cunt and Fotze are the same, but stand alone, no other word for vagina (or woman) is THAT derogatory. Möse is more of a slang word for Muschi (Pussy). Comment by: blablubb   
Stop moaning about use of the word "cunt", you silly cunt. In the UK and Europe it hasn't been built up into a word on a par with outright racial slurs by organised grievance groups who just seem to need a word to get offended about. Comment by: Todd   
Todd you need to adjust to whatever culture you are in. In the US please say ‚pussy with terms of affection and forget the word cunt altogether. Comment by: Victoria    Rated:4/5


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