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great, "Big win", awesome

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I thought this word mean "success" or something of that sort... Comment by: Grace   
well it doesn\'t mean that bad of a word, but not a good word either. Fu8k that tastes great or Fu8k it smells in here. Kinda that meaning but not as a bad word as F8ck A worse variation of daebak is juhnda so if you wana be gangster you can use juhnda insead. ex damn check out her body, juhnda! Comment by: Joe    Rated:4/5
Is this North Korean slang? Do they even have slang in North Korea?!?!?! Comment by: Tater Tot    Rated:4/5
Great,awful, lol used in any "extreme" condition. ex This tastes the best, daebak! Or omg your room smells so bad, baebak! Also can be used if something got popular daebak naht dah! roughly means "it's a hit" Comment by: Joe    Rated:5/5
I'm pretty sure in South korea, Daebak means "the best" for example if there's a boy group u love the best/or girl group. you would say Big Bang, 2NE1, 2PM (whatever) is Daebak! (the best) Comment by: Kpopluver<3   
No, Daebak does mean 'Big Win' or 'Jackpot.' The word for best of Jjang or Zzang, and isn't a slang. Comment by: SL   


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