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Can be a term of endearment with someone your close to, but offensive to someone you don't know. This also can be used to describe someone who gets slapped in face and just stands there while doing nothing to retaliate. Basically, a wimp, a pussy, etc...

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Usage Examples

MALAKA......the most widely used slang term in the modern Greek vocabulary. What does "MALAKA" mean? The word MALAKA refers to an individual who spends much of his/her time devoted to masturbation. Plainly put, if you are called a MALAKA, you are being called a stupid jerk-off! Amongst friends, it is used as an affectionary reference, but to a stranger, it is an extreme insult. ( Greeks enjoy their masturbation.)


I thought malaka was the word for asshole nowadays Comment by: Owen   
malaka to most still means jerk off/wanker and has been used so much it's also used casually among friends like those using the N word among themselves-don't have greek charactor font so.. eh !malaki mo !--my malaka ! same as if u live in the "ghetto" you hear YO MY N--A Comment by: helen   


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