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To arrest/be arrested

Submitted May 30th, 2002 by: Yves


That's old french...none of us use that on a daily basis Comment by: FrenchSoap   
Hay every one i just want to know is there any frenchboys around to teach me french because im french so please help asap thank you. Comment by: kayla   
Sorry if this sounds weared but i realey need your help so please help me i think this will be fun. Comment by: kayla   
why can't it be a french girl? you whoree Comment by: #1hoee    Rated:5/5
lol, salope Comment by: Andrew   
hi kayla, what do you want to know in french language; i'm french so tell me Comment by: khal   
how we say y sister give birth in slang Comment by: adi   
"se faire alpaguer" originally meant "to be arrested", but also "seize" or "catch" sb/sth. The only current use I heard translates as "to be buttonholed" (you can be "alpagué" on the street by fundraisers for instance). Comment by: Teven   


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