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Alda / Alta (Alter), Keule

"Dude", personal pronoun (you; familar)

Submitted January 11th, 2007 by: cesta

Usage Examples

Hey dude!
Alles fit Alda?
Wie geht's (Dir)?
Keule, kennst du den?
Du, kennst du Ihn?
Alta, willst mich ficken?
Willst du mich aergern?


It's a deliberately wrong version of "Alter" (meaning "old one") which is a short form of "old friend". "Alda" started as german hip-hop slang. Comment by: b_i_d   
further words with same meaning: Kumpel (antiquated),Kollege, Dicker(Diggae)(means "fat guy" actually Comment by: Jung   
he's right Comment by: andy   
Well I thought Dicker came from like "dicke freunde sein" (to be good/close friends), so he would be my "dicker freund" Comment by: Lutz   
(cont...) and thats where Dicker comes from, so i thought anyway Comment by: Lutz   
Berliner dialect (not only understood in Berlin), equivalent to bro' or bud Comment by: kraut   
was bedeutet 'Dude' eigentlich? Gibt es so ein Wort auf Deutsch? Comment by: Joyoti   
dude ist ein Jung Comment by: Jordan   
what does it mean when people say fisch alta? Comment by: candy   


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