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honma ni?

really?(kansai slang)

Submitted October 27th, 2004 by: kiryo


I think its Yamato-ben (Nara) specifically. You can also answer with ほんま,which i believe  is a contraction of  ほんもや。 Comment by: Sebastian   
i've been told that honma ni is equivalent to tama ni (sometimes). Comment by: hello   
in kanto slang, you can say "maji de?" which also means "really?" Comment by: yu   
What about Hontou... Its used more Comment by: Tay   
I live in Kyoto and I hear it all the time. It's Kansai-Ben. Comment by: Kat   
isn't it HONTO Ni? Comment by: marisu   
iya arisu- i dont know much but i'm guessing if it's kansai dialect it's simply a little different, so hontouni becomes honma ni =] nnn kansai-ben subarasiii wa ne~ xD; Comment by: knight30   
For those asking about Hontouni: Japan has many dialects and, unlike English dialects, these can sometimes be unintelligible to those who don't speak them because they may use completely different words. Honmani and Hontouni mean the same things, but are different regional dialects. Comment by: L   
Hontou ni is Kanto dialect (tokyo area) Honma is Kansai Dialect( osaka area I speak osaka ben. (ben=dialect) Comment by: Ran    Rated:5/5


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