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Krone, Zacken aus der Krone fallen/brechen

If an arrogant person denies a wish due to fear of losing respect or honour. Used in an ironic way; alleges someone is too fine/pretty/dignified to fulfil some bidding. Heritage: Presumable from the picture of a king diminished in respect because a spike 'Zacken' misses in his crown.

Submitted April 4th, 2004 by: rossi


Also used as: "Da wird Dir doch kein Stein aus der Krone fallen" meaning: The approval nod most certainly will not dislocate one diamond out of your crown. > Very offensive! Comment by: rwssr   
"Du brichst dir keinen Zacken aus der Krone, wenn... (du den Müll runterbringst/ du den Abwasch machst/ du dein Zimmer alleine aufräumst)!" (Parents use to say that in a reproachful voice to kids unwilling to help them, but it's not very nice.) Comment by: Aki   


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