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Krone, einen in der Krone haben

"Ich habe einen in der Krone" means: I was very drunken yesterday; I am drunk. Literally translated: "I had something into my crown". Heritage unknown, presumably 'having something in/on my head like a crown'. No direct translation known to me.

Submitted April 4th, 2004 by: rossi


"Der hat Einen in der Krone" is normally used as the phrase. That means: He drank too much; between being tipsy and being drunk; slightly slurred speech. The person referred to (der) is probably no longer able to self-diagnose. > "Gestern Abend hatte ich Einen in der Krone" means: Last night I had too much to drink. > Very drunk is "besoffen"; when the task of "besaufen" is already accomplished (past). When someone is in the process of "saufen (humans "trink", animals "saufen)" is considered animalistic. Comment by: rwssr   


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