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the aborigine's revenge

the longer Europeans live in the Australian outback the worse their hayfever gets - the indigenous people welcome all strangers but if you want to live there you have to aclimatise which could take as long as they did, 40,000 years

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Submitted January 20th, 2004 by: rozmar


This is a great slang word from Down Under! Comment by: The Critic    Rated:5/5
.... "great slang from Down Under"? Just like "struth" and "yew beauty", I have honestly never heard ANYONE say it in my life without them being kidding. In fact, I've NEVER heard of "Aborigine's Revenge" until I found this website. Comment by: Emily    Rated:1/5
im aussie, andnno one says this. it is racist to say it, if anyone did. Comment by: alyce   
Never ever heard this, and i have lived in AUS for 40 years Comment by: Li    Rated:1/5
Sorry to break it to you, but this is Aussie humour, designed to test to see how stupid you are. I mean Outback Hayfever? come on Comment by: wooloomooloo   
pretty sure abo's revenge is when they nick ya thongs of the veranda coz ya wouldn't give em a dolla brudda Comment by: jono   
i is abo and me gunna get mi tribe onto ya cause dat rudd fella is good but i need more dat guvmint dolla, becase mi thongs broke on mi way back from sniffin unleaded Comment by: yundin jingabong yannalla   
In 44 years in australia I have never heard this slang . I think the author of this page is not an Australian and is making his own creativity on some of these terms Comment by: tom   
this is not something that is said anymore Comment by: kiarra   
Most of these were not posted by the author of the page, they are posted by other individuals. You can even add your own slang term if you wish. Comment by: MrDubie   
Pretty sure that this means if you get hayfever and u r white it's ur fault for taking abo land? But it is racist Comment by: LoL   
"The Aborigines are angry that the British used their land to house their criminals. They built a giant hang glider and are destroying all the criminals with blow-darts. The criminal will appear at the bottom of the screen above the score. The player controls the hang glider and manages to hit the criminal 25 times to move on to the next level. If the criminal hits the hang glider 5 times, the player loses and the game start over." Description of old Atari game. Comment by: Dr. Delight   


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