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Submitted September 14th, 2002 by: Anonymous


It has two meanings, the first being a protective shroud used to store a bladed weapon such as a sword or dagger, the second being vagina - it is not really slang but merely a colloquial term ... it is not used as a swearword or term of abuse. Comment by: A   
The German obstetrician who delivered my son into this world was female and named "Doktor Scheide." As mentioned above, it's not a vulgar term for parts of the female anatomy, nor is it a proper scientific name. It'd be kind of like saying "birth canal" in English. It's not a great word for your insult-arsenal. Nor are you going to appear smooth-with-the-ladies if you whisper something about her 'scheide' into her hear. Best to leave that one alone altogether... Comment by: Jim   
OH MY GOD! Dr. Scheide? REALY? Hell a funny dude! great story! Comment by: dudeson   
Alter wie geil auf den Punkt gebracht von Jim :D Great job explaining SCHEIDE, Jim. That is exactly the meaning. One could also say that its a word taught to little children to give the "thingy down there" a name. Comment by: blablubb   


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