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What Canadians say instead of "mom".

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Really? I always thought that was a UK thing. I've always said mom and read mom so I'm not so sure about this. Comment by: K.C.   
I pronounce it Mom when I say it quickly but I write it Mum and I'm a Canadian. Comment by: C.G   
Every Canadian I know says Mom, lived here all my life. Who writes these anyways? Comment by: Bobbi   
I use mum all the time and everyone at my school says it. It would sound really formal if you said mom here. Must be a coastal thing? Comment by: N.S. girl   
I say mum. I think that it's not really a difference of where you're from, just how you prefer to say it. Comment by: Megan   
In Vancouver and "mum" is the spelling everyone uses. Maybe it's the huge british/indian population here. The closer you get to Toronto, the more everyone starts saying "mom" Comment by: Angie   
Probably 'Canadian' slang because of its British origins Comment by: Frank    Rated:3/5
We might write "Mom", listen carefully we say Mum. If we don't, it's most like a teenager or somebody who tries to hard to sound like they're from the Midwest or Portland, across the line. Comment by: Aaron   


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