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Gook is pronounced as jook, but as it is spelled out---gook. That means like a slang term for someone who is of Caucasian descent.

Submitted February 20th, 2012 by: Bruce


actually in my country gook is a very racist name for Asian people :D Comment by: Kyo   
^^ Yes "Gook" is a racist term for Asians believed to have developed after the Korean war, when Koreans were saying "America/an/ans" (미국) it sounded as if they were calling themselves 'Gooks' Comment by: Thor   
국 means country, 미국-American 한국- Korean....Gook did come from the Korean War when Korean civilains would come up to American Soldiers and say Mi Gook (American).....ignorant Americans thought they were saying " Me Gook" Comment by: 김 s.g.   
S8Sx4F wow, awesome article.Really thank you! Really Cool. Comment by: crork service    Rated:2/5


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