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A large amount, extreme, ultimate; essentially an abbreviation of the phrase "One hell of a [fill blank]." or "A hell of a [fill blank]." Usage: "The bus was helluv crowded." "That one dude is helluv stupid."

Country Code:US
Submitted January 27th, 2003 by: Mean Dean

Usage Examples

"That is hella dunb"
Hella: A part of the Northern Californian dialect, often used to distinguish themselves from their southern cousins. Use primarily to replace adjectives such as “very” or “extremely”.


My favorite Word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its hella sweet! Comment by: sasha t    Rated:5/5
i've never heard "Helluv" but "Hella" is a popular term in Northern California Comment by: American   
I thought it was "helluva". Comment by: Sylvia   
It's "hella" not "helluv" Comment by: James   


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