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1. A person who uses their computer skills to gain unauthorized access to computer systems. Sometimes hackers will do damage to systems such as deleting data or putting obscene or political messages on corporate or govermental web pages. 2. Originally hacker was used, in the late 1950s at MIT, to refer to a culture, a life-style, a way of cooperating and sharing among a peer group, in many accounts a nerdish, otaku psychological disposition, but most of all a certain relationship towards technology. 3.Older meaning is someone who is not very good at what he is atempting. Someone who is a Hack or doing a Hack Job.

Submitted September 5th, 2002 by: Anonymous

Usage Examples

Recently a Hacker hacked into Walmart's computer system and stole all the credit card numbers.
"hacked into" means to "break into".


that is what disney and hollywood turned "hacker" into. Hacker is simply a mindstate, with interest in how and why stuff works, and interest in using their knowledge in how and why to do what they want. Whether it be illegal CRACKING, or fixing the linux kernel. Comment by: enki    Rated:1/5


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