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giri giri

Just barely, Just in time, e.g. I just barely passed the test.

Submitted May 25th, 2002 by: Bruce

Usage Examples

Ikizama o kaetakya soo Giri-Giri love! Saigo made Giri-Giri love!
If you want to change the way you're living, it takes love on the borderline! Right to the end, love on the borderline!
From the Song Giri-Giri Love by Sagisu Shiroo  
Giri-Giri ja nai to boku dame nanda yo.
If it's not just barely, I've failed
From the Song Giri-Giri Chop by Inaba Koushi  
Bay Area donors responded to news of a turkey shortage at local food banks and soup kitchens with an Eleventh-Hour outpouring of generosity yesterday
From the Magazine by  



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