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to fuck

Submitted June 25th, 2002 by: Anonymous

Usage Examples

ficken das madchen(umlout on "A"
fuck the girl


that is awesome Comment by: jessica watson    Rated:5/5
maybe you could add "fick dich" as an insult. there also exists "fick dich ins knie" which means "go * yourself". and the part with the girl has to be "das maedchen ficken" in case you want to have correct grammar. Comment by: Jutta    Rated:2/5
"fick dich ins knie" literally means "go f*ck your knee"... Comment by: a   
if you meant to say f*ck the girl it's supposed to be "Fick das Maedchen". But that sounds weird. Nobody would say it. And the Umlaut a with a double dot on top is short for ae, so you write Maedchen instead of Madchen. Madchen is wrong. Germans hate it when Americans say a instead of ae or u instead of ue like in ueber. A lot of Americans say uber. That's wrong but whatever Comment by: Paula    Rated:2/5
It would either be 'das Mdchen ficken' ('to f*ck the girl'), or 'fick das Mdchen' (imperative command - 'f*ck the girl'), but not 'ficken das Mdchen'. ('ficken Sie das Mdchen' is gramatically correct, but would never be said.) Comment by: Decker    Rated:3/5
'ficken Sie das M�dchen' is gramatically correct, but would never be said - One of the funniest notes I have ever heard! :D Comment by: Fritz   
ficken isn't slang, it's the regular verb "to f*ck", I don't see how that's slang Comment by: Peter   


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