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down under

Australian continent (and New Zealand)

Country Code:AU
Submitted January 27th, 2004 by: Anonymous

Usage Examples

Living in a land down under. Where women glow and men plunder. Can't you hear, can't you hear the thunder? You better run, you better take cover!
From the Song Down Under by Men at Work  


No one in Australia calls it 'down under' this is embarrassing, and it is what the American's say. Comment by: mate    Rated:1/5
Absolutely correct. It is American slang for Australia. No one said Aussies use it. :P Comment by: Twisted    Rated:5/5
No one in New Zealand calls you this either, or us for that matter. aussie is "west island" :D Comment by: Jimmyjoe   
So what do you Ozzies call us? Antipodeans? Tell me we're not Pommies... ;-) Incidentally, what about that song from ?Men at Work? that talks about "a land down under?" Comment by: dbeierl   
"Down Under" is an advertising slogan by the Aussies for the Yanks, but its not actively used in Oz 'cept for the tourists Comment by: Bluey    Rated:2/5
What bullshit that Australians don't use the term, ever heard of a small Australian band called Men at Work and their famous song that became, the unofficial Australian anthem throughout the 80's and 90's called "Downunder".I come from the land downunder! Comment by: Aussie Mike   
They only call Australia the Down Under not NZ. We call Aust. the 'West Island' and yeah we call Britains Poms :D Comment by: NzChick    Rated:5/5
In day to day life the term 'down under' is not used in place of Australia. We know and accept that this is a term that is used world wide, including within our border. I'm Australian and I refer to Aus as Down Under maybe once a month at the absolute most! Also, just because it's in a popular song doesn't mean that we all follow that song. There's also a song about Aus that talks of 'watching lightning crack over cane fields', in my twenty odd years I have never ever seen that. Comment by: moggie   
It was a term used in the 80's to refer to Australia being so far from the main action that happened in the north. It was used but now it is out of fashion and most younger people might have forget how it come about Comment by: yupmeister   
I live in the States and no one here says "(land) down under ". We say "Australia". Comment by: sfmichael   


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