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cona da tia

literally "aunt pussy", Ocasion when you dont have any more slang do say and the situation is real bad, when you say this you have to put power into it, like:CONA DA TIA

Submitted February 11th, 2004 by: Anonymous


estes borros nao sabem falar portugese mezmo e estao a tentar a encinar... ? que porra, algem quer falar com migo so algumas gatas para alli? :P Comment by: Igor    Rated:1/5
It's written Cunha de Tia. And it's translation is "Your Aunt's Pussy" Comment by: Big Sugar   
well...portuguese people don't say this Comment by: yulle   
Yes, portuguese do say "cona da tia", in the context of sending someone that way. "vai para a cona da tia". E o palhao do Igor nem portugus sabe escrever. borros ? mezmo ? encinar ? Palhao ! Comment by: Pedro    Rated:5/5
We can even use this, but it's very very RARE. Don't use that here in Brazil. It doesn't make sense. It means "aunt pussy." But we don't use the cona word for pussy. We use vagina (formal) and buceta (very very very informal). Comment by: Thiffany Hills   
"Cona" is a common slang in Portugal. Though some people consider it very rude, similar to "cunt" and "minge". Comment by: SENS8   


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