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Submitted July 2nd, 2002 by: miki


I'd also say it's more like ultra- or super- Comment by: mmm    Rated:3/5
this more for things you in.....watashi wa CHOU isogashii......which means "I am VERY busy" Comment by: Nakatsu Masaki    Rated:4/5
Chou is super I think! Comment by: road runner   
chou = meep meep Comment by: road runner   
I believe that ちょう is mainly used by children and girls- it's supposed to sound sort of childish. Comment by: Chris    Rated:5/5
I'm not sure that you can confine it to a specific gender. The Kansai-ben equivalent is "meccha". Comment by: L   
Sore wa CHOU KAWAII! Comment by: Aya   
It definitely means more like "super" I've seen advertisements in Japan where they use the kanji for chou in the context of "super human" and super human just came up in my dictionary too "chou-jin-teki" Comment by: Adamu    Rated:3/5


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