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To chill or chill out is to rest, relax or even tell someone to calm down. "I am chilling" could be used to say I am putting up my feet and having a beer for awhile.

Submitted October 12th, 2002 by: Anonymous

Usage Examples

Let's chill. Let's settle down. That's what I wanna do. Just me and you. Let's chill.
From the Song Let's Chill by Toni Estes  


Language Word/Meaning
chill : расслабься
chill : sich hängen lassen


chill means cool too like that is chill means that is cool Comment by: me   
This is also used in parts of the US to mean smoke marijuana. As in: "I just got some sticky nugs. Wanna go chill in the car before we go into the movie?" Comment by: That Guy   


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