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chelp ; chelp off

(Yorkshire) to disagree vocally with someone without sufficient grounds to do so i.e. "he chelped off at me." Chelping is commonly used in Yorkshire. Usually in reference to someone, often a child, who is nattering on about something or talking back. To be chelped off is to be put out about something, a bit like being miffed! Comment by: Maureen Cruickshank

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Submitted July 6th, 2003 by: Anonymous

Usage Examples

Londoners are chelpin' on about Northern English slang being included in a British slang dictionary!


I'm 18 Born and raised in Cambridgeshire, never ever heard that shit. Thats a load of rubbish mate! Comment by: Matt    Rated:1/5
'Chelping' is the slang used when a person is constantly pestering for something. E.g. a child wanting an ice cream. I'm from Yorkshire and know the word well... Comment by: Gordon   
Yorkshire slang shouldn't be included on here....their colloquialisms are erm a little off from the rest of the uk Comment by: kcs   
"chelp" is used extenively in the North and Midlands, it's a verb which means "making noises of complaint or disagreement" and it's hardly surprising that Southerners think the only valid words are ones that they themselves use. I bet they don't use "mythering" (pestering like midges or children) or "slaumed up" (covered or coated in mess) either, so would that make them superior, or show them to have an inferior vocabulary? And as for "nesh" (unable to stand cold weather) I'd better not get started. Comment by: chelpman   
I've lived in the midlands for 20 years and never heard this phrase. I've also lived in the north east and the north west and never heard it there either. What a load of bollocks (see above). Comment by: Ewan    Rated:1/5
Seriously, would you ever take as a reasoned and informed comment the sort of ill-spelt and unnecessarily vulgar contributions from the likes of Mo ["begginning"], bob ["thats", "usefull", "sight" (= site)], Matt and others? Comment by: grumpy pedant    Rated:2/5
I've never heard 'chelp off' before but 'chelp' is used occaisionally in my end of cambridgeshire. My mother would tell me to stop giving her chelp if i was rude or mouthy. Comment by: mrs ploppy   
Sorry guys Chelp and chelping is 100% real and used often.. this site obviously knows its stuff. Just because you don't know it doesn't mean it isn't used !!! Comment by: G   
the brits chelp off at each other in regard to this ridiculous term. who cares? you should chelp off about your county's disappearance from world affairs, cultural affairs, and any affair that doesn't involve self-erotic asphyxiation. Comment by: G.I. Joe aka Eat Me   
Yeah I agree, this is NOT a british Word! Comment by: British Babe    Rated:1/5
Never been on site before-simply looking for definition of 'chelp.Used by my mother,her sister, my grand mother and neighbours in Peterborough,East Midlands.Railway workers community.All now deceased.Used thus-Don't give me your...and (colourfully)'You've got more chelp than the cat licks it's a~~e with'.All usually directed at me as a child -post war period.I took it to mean-'cheeky,impertinent' but wondered as to its origins.Quite genuine,though Comment by: john lewis   
Doylems, its a West Yorkshire term meaning to whinge or whine...a little like you lot! Comment by: donthegoose   
never heard of it mate, this site is bs. you want to learn British slang 'Americans' come to London where we are. Comment by: Ra    Rated:1/5
Don't you mean schelp ? as in I'm just schelping off to the pub/shops/whatever ? Comment by: Sion   
I'm just the wrong side of 50. Born and bred in England and never once have I heard this expression. Comment by: NeilH   
Well I have lived in the midlands most of my life and had never heard this phrase until I moved to West Yorkshire and then met people from Barnsley, it's more "what you chelpin on about?" It's a Barnsley phrase and some Yorkshire areas from what I can tell and is legitimate. Hope that helps Comment by: Shivy   
Common amongst the older generations of South Yorkshire, never heard it elsewhere. Comment by: Ryan Hurst   
Never ever have i heard of that expression anywhere in UK...... Comment by: Queen Bee    Rated:1/5
My dad used to use it but he pronounced in broad Black Country slang as "cheluppin'(g)" as in - "stop cheluppin' an' get on with it!" - meaning 'stop moaning' Comment by: Chris   
totally agree with chelpman, chelp a very common word round our way! as is nesh.. chelp off? not so sure.. prob quite local to a particular region.. many i know not on this site! Comment by: ch33sl3y   
Chelping is definitely commonly used in Yorkshire. Usually in reference to someone, often a child, who is nattering on about something or talking back. To be chelped off is to be put out about something, a bit like being miffed! Comment by: Maureen Cruickshank   
Totally agree with Chelpman. Even as far south as Leicester. If you hane not heard of it, you can now consider yourself educated. Comment by: Adie   
I'm from Yorkshire and I have heard this saying many times my mum uses it, think it might be more commonly used with the older generation. Eg. For gods sake you haven't stopped chelping on since you got home! *Southerners are numpties* Comment by: hailz   
I'm from South Yorkshire and it's always used by my family, usually telling me, my brother and sister to 'stop chelping, it's getting on me wires' Comment by: Olivia   


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