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Hair that has been dyed or bleached to make it brown. The trend first caught on with junior high and high school girls who copied idol singers and entertainers, then spread to the point where it has now won widespread acceptance. Admiring Americans and Europeans, some young people tried to change their eye color using color contact lenses, but they only ended up looking like aliens from outer space. Some people still equate chapatsu with delinquency, so in an attempt to present themselves as serious when they start job-hunting, many young people are like chameleons and change their hair color back to black again overnight. "Purin" is a term used to describe dyed hair after the black roots have started growing out again, so the hair is partly black and partly brown. Source:

Submitted July 1st, 2002 by: Anonymous


bakkaka! kore ga CHYApatsu. Comment by: Atsui   
chya= cひゃ so,cha is ok. Comment by: n   
1. same thing, i like this style of romanization better. 2. typed wrong, but correct Comment by: uhm.   
The "y" is only kept in for single consonants. For example "kya" (ki) and "nya" (ni) as opposed to "sha" (shi) and "cha" (chi). Comment by: K   
@atsui: the "Y" hiragana modify other sounds when written smaller next to them. Kind of like adding "yu" to "shi" makes "ju." Comment by: asano_man   
yu to shi = shu, not "ju"..."ji" and "yu" = ju...and it depends on the person. some people prefer to type jya ne, instead of ja long as it's legible it shouldn't be such a big deal. Comment by: sa-chan   
@ atsui cha and chya are the same thing retard. In Romanji is officially spelt "cha" you fail. Why are there so many people commenting that don't speak a word of Japanese on this website? Comment by: qQshA   
Admiring europeans?? That's B.S. >.< Just putting contact lenses does not equal admiration towards europeans, contact lenses come in different sizes, colors etc....I'd call it more looking like an anime or manga character. Jesus. Comment by: nyan   
@atsui : you need to chill out and fix your own japanese before spit out rude comment. ちゃ is written as cha, not chya. Comment by: L   


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