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cat on hot bricks

English expression similar to the American expression "cat on a hot tin roof". Indicates a person ill at ease or uncomfortable.

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Submitted October 6th, 2003 by: Anonymous


I have never heard this said before. the Cat on a tin roof. that is soooo weird Comment by: Jennifer    Rated:2/5
my grand mom said this to me"hurry up phylum, your uncle is coming home tonight, he's from the hospital and he wants somebody to look(meaning to standby for him)at him while he's asleep..he's like you know, cat on hot bricks(agonizing) go on now! fix his room, ok?" Comment by: chrisophylum calleza    Rated:3/5
I think "cat on a hot tin roof" is an expression most Americans,(those unfamiliar with Tennesee Williams or not from the south) won't recognize. Great explanation of the analogy, though. Comment by: KrisM    Rated:4/5 oof I'm familiar with the movie but have never heard anyone say it as an expression apart from that. Comment by: Kathy   
Never heard of "cat on hot bricks" but "cat on a hot tin roof" is very popular, in the south or not. I don't even know what the movie is about, but the phrase is very common in Ohio. Comment by: DiGi   
I've never been to the south, and I'm not familiar with Tennessee Williams, but I'm very familiar with "cat on a hot tin roof". You don't have to know the origin of a phrase to know the phrase and use it. Comment by: Downstrike   
OK well I'm British and I don't think I've ever heard this used! It sounds kind of familiar in a way but have certainly never used it... Comment by: Trina   
cat on hot bricks{british} = nervous as a whore in church {american} Comment by: Tania   


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