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feces, less impolite than "shit"

Country Code:US
Submitted February 9th, 2004 by: Anonymous


its spanish for shit Comment by: jizah    Rated:3/5
Yeh it's the French for shit too... Comment by: EloB   
I heard it used a lot on Oahu, tho mostly parents and little kids. Comment by: d    Rated:4/5
think of it as "doo doo" or "poop" in Spanish; mierda means shit Comment by: Jared82CA    Rated:3/5
It'sjust the correct medical term - spelt faeces in English English. Comment by: mks   
funny. it means shit in sinhalese (spoken in sri lanka) too! Comment by: HNL   
Me and my parents used to say this until I was 6. Comment by: LiLa   
Only used by children. Baby talk. Grown men look like idiots saying this, unless they are talking to children. Comment by: Sylvia   
Yeah, babies say caca... I don't think it can be considered slang if nobody over 6 ever says it. Comment by: Jennifer    Rated:1/5
Its also used in movies alot. Comment by: YO!Americano   


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