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A Canadian slang term meaning "dollar". Probably as common as saying "dollars", or perhaps more common in some places, and it's usage has spread outside of Canada as well. "I have 20 bucks in my wallet"

Country Code:CA
Submitted November 27th, 2006 by: tarapoto


"A buck" is also a highly offensive racial slur for a native male Comment by: Peter   
It's also used as a young man. "He's a young, good-looking buck" Comment by: Atom Petrelli    Rated:5/5
Many many years ago(I think in the 1800s) a buck's(male deer) skin was worth about a dollar which is where this term comes from. Of course the values of money have drastically changed now so dollars are now worth much less, but peole still say stuff like "That only costs a buck." or "I made 20 bucks." Comment by: Tiffani    Rated:5/5
Used in Australia like crazy, almost completely replacing 'dollar' Comment by: Ceds   
Yep! Same here in the US. Buck and dollar are both used, but buck is way more popular. Comment by: Lina   
ya, we call antelope bucks in south africa. it's a common term Comment by: mel   
yeah in the United States we use buck all the time. like i have ten bucks, or it costs 15 bucks. Comment by: dixie   
Buck is even starting to get popular with the young guys over here in Kenya....cept its never used in plural....'I have 300 buck'. Comment by: Wangechi   
It is also used (by mainly youngsters) to refer to local currency in India. For example, one could hear a youngster say he spent 300 bucks to mean he spent 300 rupees. Comment by: rgs   
It's also popular in Russia. We use it all the time! Comment by: Julie   
lol buck is a canadian slang term... might want to check uip on the rest of the english speaking world, it's used in all those ways by the rest of us. excepet the racial slur line. noticing a few "canadian slang" words that are common amongst the english speakers of the world. Comment by: atomic kangaroo   
"Its usage has spread OUTSIDE Canada" ?? More likely the usage spread from the United States INTO Canada. Comment by: Flurky    Rated:3/5
I thought in canada they said looney? or tooney for 1 or 2 dollar piece....what do i know!? i am just a seppo. Comment by: Danimal   
Um, wtf this is SO not specifically canadian, its like: used everywhere they have dollars, and other countries referring to dollars as well. I mean, canada,australia,USA...its everywhere! Comment by: Canuk4Life   
This is used all the time in the US. In fact, I hear this more often than any other slang for money in the US. It's almost the official word for a dollar... Comment by: That Guy   
yeaa, its used heaps in australia. no one even really uses the word dollar anymore Comment by: jodie   
yeaa, its used heaps in australia. no one even really uses the word dollar anymore Comment by: jodie   
Same in the US of A. "How much does it cost?" "Three bucks." Comment by: Alfred   
Sorry, that's not Canadian slang. It comes from the USA. Comment by: Matthew    Rated:1/5
Loonie. We have used the word loonie for a dollar for quite awhile. Named after the one dollar coin. A two dollar coin is a toonie. Comment by: Bad   
we understand its also used in the us but if you read the description of the word it says that it has spread outside canada now duh Comment by: hm    Rated:5/5
Recently, it's now an insult, not sure what it means, but if your a girl... you dont wanna get called one. Comment by: "Big BanCK"   
Say that a lot in Michigan. :p Comment by: Jordie   


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